ATL Community time to rally and help an Army family

My buddy, an army veteran, and a great all around leader in the ATL community is reaching out and asking for help to come to the aid of Patricia Roberts and her family. Patricia is the mother of Army Spc. Jamaal Addison who was killed during an ambush in March 2003 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Spc. Addison was also the first Georgia casualty during the war. Spc. Addison left behind a son, also named Jamaal, that is now being cared for by Ms. Roberts. In a sad twist, on the same day that was identified in Dekalb County as Jamaal Addison day, Ms. Roberts was set to be evicted from her home. Thanks to a wave of public emotion she has been extended for a brief period of time but still will require community help over the next few months to help her and her family

Scott and pals, are pooling resources through his VetLoop charity and looking for folks that can help a worthy cause. See the full write-up below on Scott’s blog. Simple to say, we need help. If you can pitch in or know of others who have the resources to help out let us know. Most of all, let us all remember to give thanks each day to live in this great land of opportunity and freedom and enjoy the lives we do thanks to the great men and women, like Spc. Addison, that help protect it.…

God bless you and keep you safe Spc. Addison

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