Summers of Fun

So this year is the first time in many where I had to let the family head to our yearly pilgrimage to Lake Owassa, New Jersey without me. The “forces” conspired against me by having the date of a big project “go-live” coinciding with the period of time that the family was heading North. Today my wife and kids headed along with their other cousins, aunts, uncle, etc. to the New Jersey State Fair which is held right down the street from where my in-laws have their property.

Its a magical time and I’m certainly bummed that I missed it this year. However, I’ve had lots of time for reflection and writing since the family has been out of the house and one thing I can say for sure is that Lake Owassa is a place where memories are made. It has a unique characteristic that is hard to describe. Maybe one of the unique characteristics it enjoys is that it is a place that harkens back to earlier times before always available Internet and mobile devices made us slaves to 24/7 productivity. Its one of the few places where you can go and pretty much escape, albeit for a short while, from work, stresses and the daily grind.

Lake Owassa has been a place where I proposed to my wife, where my oldest daughter caught her first fish, where my youngest (Carrigan) has decided she can be Michael Phelps in a kiddie pool and so many more and great memories. So this year although I’m not there with my great kids, wonderful wife, and awesome in-laws…I’m there in spirit and missing that great place where memories are made.

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