Yahoo and the Merry-Go-Round

So news is just in… in fact, I’m breaking the news on this one that the next CEO to be brought in to the beleaguered, once colossal, tech giant Yahoo is Santa Claus.  Yes, you heard it here.  Ol’ Saint Nick, the rotund, rowdy, and rocous titan of industry has cheerfully accepted his new appointment citing his excitement to be able to bring a little joy to the withering ranks of boys and girls at Yahoo.



Okay – so that’s a joke.  But…. what is not a joke is the literal merry-go-round of corporate chiefs that are coming in and out of Yahoo.  The latest appointment of former Google Engineering Diva, Marissa Mayer, has got me thinking.

The specifics of my “thinking” centered on:

  1. What criteria and process is the Yahoo Board going through in regards to “fixing” the problem?
  2. Why Marissa Mayer may not be the best fit for this particular task
  3. How the process itself seems completely counter to the entrepreneurial roots that Yahoo comes from
I wish I had more time to ruminate on this but unfortunately with 3 kids and more work calling I’m going to distill my thoughts into the most succinct of terms. (*editor’s note –  too lazy to write a full analysis)
(a) Luck, skill and smarts can’t fix broke:
*Marissa Mayer did awesome things at Google.  I won’t detract from her accomplishments.  Only thing I would say here is that …maybe the root of the Yahoo problem isn’t the CEO – maybe it is more fundamental.
(b) Applying traditional management tactics to un-traditional environments equals #FAIL
*Once again – Google Engineering Diva is awesome, however, I guarantee when she was in the trenches at Google with the engineering team she didn’t try to pull this BS with them > What Marissa Mayer Really Brings to Yahoo  …. (i.e. “you do it or I find another team”… OUCH).  This management tactic is more reminiscent of Chainsaw Dunlap (i.e. Coleman Corp) than it is an inspirational technology exec.
(c) Revolving doors don’t instill trust they create fear
*I think this makes like the 3rd or 4th CEO in a very short time-span for Yahoo.  I have to imagine that if you’re at Yahoo the only thing you’re hearing right now is the abandon ship alarm.  Let’s face it the root of this company and Google are in innovation, having fun and doing what you love.  If that has been lost then the only question and guiding principle is how do you get you’re mojo back.  Recycling execs wouldn’t seem like the first priority to me?
So glad I got that out of my head.  Carry on.