Paula Broadwell & General David Petraeus

So another one bites the dust. I hate to say it but I am amazed at the amount of good men and women that consistently impune their character and their ethical standing by engaging in these trists. There is a portion of the community that has a sentiment of “who cares, the guy is an effective leader… let his private life be just that…private.”. To that remark, and similar remarks like them, I say simply this, “To those whom much is given, much is expected”.

General Petraeus by all accounts was an ambitious, driven and effective leader. I believe in that ambition and drive to succeed he also understood that he had a ethical code to adhere to. Part of this ethical code is just good leadership and part of this ethical code is rooted in being free of secrets and other shadowy tidbits that could allow him to be compromised by the bad guys (i.e. foreign government black mail, etc.).

Each time one of these stories pops up it saddens me. It saddens me that a stellar career and people that look up to this guy will be reminded that although he may have been effective he wasn’t always ethical. I wish more of these scenarios would end simply with the General telling his wife…”Hey Sweetie – I’m just not that into you…”. Segway to separation to divorce and voila. Go have fun General – but don’t do it in the shadows.

Now on a lighter note here is a video of Paula Broadwell shooting machine guns…