McAfee and All That Craziness…

Okay, I had to repost a couple interesting links I found as I was surfing the web enthralled with how John McAfee, uber entrepreneur, could get himself involved in all the recent chaos that includes the suspicious death of his neighbor, poisoning of his dogs, prostitutes, his jungle retreat in Belize and a supposed drug lab deep in the jungle.

photo credit: Brian Finke
Now, prior to delving into this subject I had drawn some conclusions about John McAfee. This included that he was probably a fairly straight laced, hard-nosed business guy. I mean how else does one build an empire like McAfee Software without some serious vision, dedication and discipline. After learning more about his life and times thanks to an in-depth piece via Wired magazine (Note: I subscribe to Wired & they offered an ebook called John McAfee’s Last Stand) …. I had to rethink some of these assumptions. I guess the reality is that everybody walks their own path through life. McAfee’s path just happens to seem a bit more eclectic than I might have originally imagined.

The below is a loose amalgamation of links that I found across the net. I’ll let each viewer draw their own conclusions, but from my vantage point let’s just say I was a bit stunned. Sometimes real life really is stranger than fiction.

Here is an article from the WSJ that talks about McAfee’s post-retired hobby that lead into the Sky Gypsies club and ultimately led to him seeking shelter in Belize to avoid civil proceedings from various law suits. This was, as it appeared, a starting point:

Unofficial Blog of John McAfee:

Gizmodo Piece on the McAfee Chaosi: