Summer Cadence and Meritocracies

Summer StartupThe summer.  That magical time when you get to lay back, sip a mojito, maybe lazily take in the beach air and reflect on all the great work you’ve done to get you to June.   Summer in business has become analogous with that mid-marathon point where you slow your pace to a slightly lumbering 9:30 mile or apply a little brake and down-shift into that particularly technical track corner before really opening it up on the straight away.

Summer for some of us is all about a mid-point of reflection and taking a breather.  Sound like your summer laid out?  If yes, congrats and please thank the 50,000 other people at your company who are helping to allow you to idle your engines for a brief sojourn.  If no, bravo sir or madame, I salute you!

Don’t get me wrong, breaks, summers, sojourns and reflection are awesome but often times these come at a price.  The price is a relative equation that has an exponential variable involved if you are a  rapidly growing company in a particularly competitive market.   For many large Fortune 100 companies the pace of business is fairly static and the cadre of personnel employed allows a brief mid-point reflection in the US to create hardly a blip across the multi-national spectrum in which these entities operate.

For companies that are smaller than these 100 giants (hint: there are a lot of them) – the summer can be a chance to refine your strategy, accelerate your execution, or get closer to prospects and customers.  I’ve enjoyed the summer immensely but have also been busy at work trying to advance our company’s (Edelberg & Associates) mission.  The summer has also reminded me of the importance of my bond with my other friends and colleagues in this business.  This bond is based on a joint expectation that no matter what we are doing or where we are at we all know that at the end of the day our place in the business is decided by our contributions, in effect a true “meritocracy“.