Barbara Boxer – Fighting Opposition with Race Card

Okay, I’ve seen my fair share of strange things.  I once actually interned for a summer in Washington, DC and got to sit through hearing, testimonies, etc.  Generally, these affairs are more prose and posturing than rubber-meets-the-road execution.  However, recently, I came across the following video that was the testimony of Harry Alford, the President of the National Black Chamber of Commerce.  His testimony was before the Environmental Committee and his position on a piece of legislation opposed that of Senator Boxer.   Mr. Alford had came to the committee to assert facts, figures and research so that a true discussion could take place regarding the legislation that was in front of the committee.  

Seemingly this should have be just another committee hearing on just another day in Washington.  However, on this particular day, instead of having a discussion regarding the actual data and research, Senator Boxer reverted to adding documents to the committee record from other black associations that countered the position of Mr. Alford.  Let’s say this didn’t sit well at all with Mr. Alford and he actually let Senator Boxer know that this was a “racial” approach and the wrong “path” to be going down. 

I posted this video because I think in this day and age to have this type of political posturing going on indicates a true lack of intelligence on the part of Senator Boxer.   Honestly, the basic argument she was forming went something like this…”Mr. Alford, all of these other black associations like my position – so you must be wrong because you represent a black association.”  I would hope in her time in Senate, Senator Boxer has learned the proper and improper way to form counter points. However, based on this display in her own committee I was both frightened and reminded how we truly need good old fashion reform in Washington.  The problem with the status quo that we have today is that no matter what the so-called impetus is for a senator, congressman, etc. to pursue their political offices,  many times the real underlying impetus is hubris, power, money, etc.  Senator Boxer is just another in a long line of professional politicians that just don’t get it.   She is clearly out of touch with the majority of Americans and also living in a long past era where persons of color are expected to follow the same exact believe system. To lump the African American community into one large “group” as she did during this committee does an incredible disservice to African Americans, freedom of choice and my basic intellect.  In closing, Senator Boxer, we are now in the 21st century – don’t use the NAACP and 100 Black Men to advance your causes – instead try using data, facts, figures and a common sense approach.

Video: Courtesy of and (running against Sen.Boxer in 2010 election)